2018 Prospectus for Foreign Students


I. Qualification:

1. Foreign students who graduated fromSeniorMiddle School.

2. HSK Band 6 is required.

3. Chinese with Foreign Nationality must have valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for at least 4 years, and has lived outside China for at least 2 years in the last 4 years until April 30 of the applicant’s enrollment year (the date is calculated with the entry and exit stamp, and living outside China for at least 9 months in 1 year can be calculated as 1 year).

II. Applying Procedures:

Anytime is available. The copy of certificate, academic records, passport and 5 passport-sized photos are required.

Liaison: Ms. Wan Hong

Address: OverseasEducationCollegeofFujianUniversityof TCM

1 Qiuyang Rd, Shangjie, Minhou,Fuzhou,Fujian, 350122, P.R.China

Tel: 0086-591-22861536            Fax: 0086-591-22861537

http://www.fjtcm.edu.cn            E-mail: hwxy@fjtcm.edu.cn


III. Programs:

Bachelor Degree Program

TCM Science (5 years)

pharmaceutical engineering (4 years)

Acupuncture and Massage (5 years)

Marketing (4 years)

Clinical Integrative Medicine  (5 years)

Rehabilitation Therapeutics(4 years)

Clinical Medicine (5 years)

Public Utilities Management (4 years)

TCM Pharmacology (4 years)

Information Management & Information System (4 years)

Pharmacology (4 years)

Nursing Science (4 years)

Pharmaceutics (4 years)



IV. Fees:




RMB 20,000/ year/person

RMB1,200/ year/bed

(4 beds a room)

RMB 950/ year/bed

(6 beds a room)

RMB 600 /year/person

(≤45 years old)

RMB 1,000/year/person

(>45 years old


Notes: If you are applying for Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree, please contact the Postgraduate Department.

Liaison: Mr. Wu      Tel: +86-591-22861321        E-mail: 56283583@qq.com