About the Office/College

International Cooperation Office, Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs Office and Overseas Education College are responsible for the overseas cooperation, exchange and education of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Looking back at the history, Overseas Affairs Office was set up under president’s office in September 1987 to facilitate overseas exchange and cooperation of the university; and Taiwan TCM Affairs  Office  was  founded  in  early  1989,  which  was  also  under president’s office.  Respectively  separated  from  president’s  office  in  early  1990, Overseas Affairs Office and Taiwan TCM Affairs Office became independent departments to take charge of the university’s overseas affairs; in 1994 with the approval of provincial government, Overseas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded to keep up with the development of overseas education. Therefore we have one team of administrators for two above offices and one college. In May 1996, it changed it’s name into Overseas Education College.

In April 2005, Foreign Affairs Office was renamed as the current name International Cooperation Office, and Taiwan TCM Affairs Office as Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs Office to meet the new development  as  well  as  to  keep  accordance  with  the superior department and other universities in  the  name  of  such  departments,  and  the administrative relations remained the same as before.