Cooperation and Exchange

The overseas cooperation and exchange of FJUTCM was started in 1980s. So far the  university  has  formally  established  multi-lateral  cooperative  relationship  with universities and institutions in AustraliaMalaysiaSingaporeU.S.A.JapanBritain,Germany,Austria,Finland,Denmark,Sweden,Taiwan, andHong Kong. Besides, the university holds International (Fujian)  Symposium and  Cross-straits  Symposium  on Traditional Chinese Medicine every two years. Because  of  its  especially  favorable geographical location and advantageous TCM resources, FJUTCM has become one of the universities most actively engaged in cross-straits education, medical  treatment, scientific and TCM cultural exchanges. The university started to send students toSwedenandTaiwanfor overseas education from September 2009, which is a new development of the university’s overseas exchange and cooperation.

In the face of unprecedented opportunity of West Coast  Economic  Zone  of  the Taiwan Straits,FJUTCM actively promotes the cooperation and exchange with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries in an all around way to make its contribution to the development of TCM.